Shuna Coxsey Nominated for BT Acion Woman Award

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Shuna Coxsey Nominated for BT Acion Woman Award

Two-time Bouldering World Cup Champion and British Mountaineering Council ambassador, Shauna Coxsey, has been nominated for the 2014 BT Action Women Award. Following her success at the IFSC ClimbingWorld Cup in Laval, Shauna went on to Magic Wood, Switzerland to attempt several hard climbs and at the top of her list, New Baseline 8B+ (V14).

After an initial foray to find out just how hard it would be, Shauna managed to work out a very intricate method for the moves, but struggled to bring it all together. After 3 solid days of rain, on a the last day of her trip, the weather providing an unlikely environment for sending, Shauna became the 3rd female to climb 8B+.

An incredible bounce back from a long load of recovery having, just two years previous, broken her leg whilst stepping off a boulder whilst trying Piranja 7C+ (V10) in Magic Wood.

To find out more about why Shauna Coxsey has been nominated as Action Women having a look through her Blog and Facebook Page, and follow her on Twitter.