Neon Bloc 3 highlight reel from Rowan Spear-Bulmer on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Neon Bloc 3 – From Dusk til Dawn

The climbing event of the year has been and gone. February the 28th saw Neon Bloc 3 – the epic and renowned climbing competition-crossover-party – take place at The Barn Climbing Centre, Milton Abbot. Rowan Spear-Bulmer of RSBStudios was on the scene to create this masterpiece video!

Mark Urdaiday reports his first hand-experience and the nitty-gritty of the results, pictures below:

No competition in the country is quite like it! The lights went off and were replaced by UV lighting to highlight the brilliant and psychedelic decorations covering the place from top to bottom, beautifully topped-off by a crazy laser show. The decorations were not the end of the wild and fun nature of the competition, with the climbing taking on the same feel – there were problems featuring everything from climbing ropes and passing through hula hoops to swinging around on lapis balls and trying to keep a tyre steady as you press out onto it. To polish off the wild atmosphere, several DJs took to the tables over the night pumping out some seriously sick beats. Massive thanks to JBone, sNOOk, and R-O-Chet!

This year’s competition featured 7 Neon Bloc problems offering fun and funky climbing as well as the opportunity for double points for a successful flash. Each problem was supported by and themed around the competitions main sponsors with completion of any Neon problem entering you into a raffle for extra prizes from that sponsor. In no particular order: Will Hornby took home a Dewerstone t-shirt, Paul Reah and Debbie Cubbit took home a Neon Bloc 3 / CAC t-shirt, Will Bennet took home a Black Diamond beanie, Elaine Budden and Seth McDonald took home head torches thanks to Lyon Outdoor and Ian Lee took home an Evolv Boulder Bucket, brush and chalk.

The best dressed category also returned with Luke Harvey, fairy wings and all, taking home the Best Dressed Male prize of a CORE Fingerboard and Andrea Hayslop taking, for the second year running, home the Best Dressed Female prize of a Fingerboard by Beta Climbing.

The main event of the night – finals – saw stiff competition and some absolutely crazy climbing. Problems featured a variety of regular pulling and wild gymnastic, swinging and otherwise out-of-the-ordinary moves like climbing up one wall only to hop onto a hold suspended by an autobelay which plummets you towards your next hold. Swinging through the air on lapis balls, running jumps onto hanging punch bags and more taxed the finalists to make sure only the fittest survived! Chris Cubit took home first in the O35’s fighting off Alex –DJ sNOOk – Cox who took second and Grant Edwards who was third. The Open Female was won by Hannah Slaney with Charlotte Warner and Kiera Law in hot pursuit. The hotly contended Open Male category was a who’s who in local strong youth with Alex Waterhouse narrowly beating Hamish Potokar and Ellis Butler-Barker taking home third.

Big thank you to The Barn and all the event sponsors and bring on Neon Bloc 4!!

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Dewerstone Lifestyle Clothing RSBStudios

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Mark Urdaibay is a keen climber though he spends far too much time on plastic and not enough on rock! He regularly attends indoor competitions representing his sponsors, The Boulder Bunker and his best position to date was second to a member of the British team – nothing you can complain at! |