Tom Bunn repeats Kagutsuchi E7

VIDEO: Tom Bunn Repeats Kagutsuchi – E7

Tom Bunn repeats Kagutsuchi E7

Making use of the recent sunshine, Tom Bunn (author of RustyPeg – and awkwardly, this post) took a weekend jaunt to West Penwith, where he made a swift repeat of Dave Pickford’s japanese-god-inspired Kagutsuchi, E7 6b.

Kagutsuchi “is a fearsome fire-god of the Japanese Shinto religion, whose powers were much feared throughout ancient Japan”, named so since the first ascent was climbed on fiery crimps in direct June sunlight!

With the crux at 10 metres, all previous ascents used only the thread/ RP’s as the last gear at 3 metres, creating a reverent runout. However, Tom opted to place and tie down a sky hook (on lead) at 5 metres and, believing it to be good, suggests this may reduce the grade slightly.

Here’s a short video of the send: