Mikey Cleverdon Sends Dartmoor 8A FA, Waterhouse Repeats!

With the mint winter conditions continuing into 2015, Mikey Cleverdon has successfully climbed the first ascent of  the sit-start to, Saddle Tor mega classic, Super Trooper – V9. Having recently also climbed the first ascent of Pe’Ahi, a long-standing project at Bonehill, Mikey comments that his latest addition, dubbed Super Duper Trooper, is easier than Pe’Ahi but reckons still to be about 8A.

Mikey commented, “I Tried this problem quite a bit last year after cheerfully working my way through all ‘The Tor’ has to offer, bar the epic Abba Gold. The venue is great with such high quality problems all right next to each other and they dry very quickly, which was needed last year!

“Thwarted by rising temperatures running into spring, I left it for a re-match the following Winter. It’s taken a couple of sessions this season but as the temperature dropped to below baltic, the other night, it finally went!”

Alex Waterhouse, who has recently passed his driving licence (watch out!), has been skipping school to get out and repeat problems on the moor, aswell as sending some of it’s longest standing projects.

Repeating Mikey’s Super Duper Trooper in a single session, Alex comments, “Mikey told me about the sit start to Super Trooper during our coaching session. After trying the beta Mikey had suggested, I resigned the problem to the ‘one for when I’m taller’ pile.  I tried a big move to the right hand starting hold of the stand. I got pretty close within a few tries, but no way enough to be doable.

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“My right thumb was bleeding through my chances felt slim, but I gave it a last real go for the day, and everything came together on that first move and I stuck it! With a bit of luck, I managed to claw through into Super Trooper and finished up the problem.”

Alex has put together a little video of his ascent, as seen above, which also features a Tunesday Track! Commenting on the grade Alex mentioned, “Grade wise, it definitely sits as one of the hardest things I’ve done! I was definitely lucky to get it so quickly, but because it’s so different to other hard stuff I’ve done, I can’t confirm the grade. The quality and accessibility will mean more repeats soon I am sure!”

Mikey Cleverdon on Super Duper Trooper, 8A on Saddle Tor, Dartmoor.
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