What’s the Big Idea?

RustyPeg.co.uk aims to provide high quality digital content for the South West of England climbing region. The main focus of digital content has developed over the years and currently consists of news reporting and hosting digital guidebooks. Major developments of South West bouldering and rising standards of climbing ability have been at the forefront of news reporting and guidebook creation on Rustypeg.co.uk.

Where did it all begin?

The site was founded back in 2010 by a young Tom Bunn unknowingly hoping to combine his climbing and creativity in some form. Having produced a PDF guide for the ‘hole-in-the-ground’ that is Kit Hill Quarry in the years previous (for college coursework), Tom – inspired by local climbing ‘characters’ – needed somewhere to share his productions. It is fair to say that RustyPeg.co.uk was also largely inspired by the content of climbing websites such as the widely renowed JaVu.co.uk.

Bunn Around the Bloc.

Tom continues to explore and develop climbing in the South West. If you’d like to see more about his adventures and exploits, check out his website by clicking the image below.